Friday, June 02, 2006

Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Democratic

Many conservatives have been rightfully upset with the Republicans in Congress and the White House. Our political leaders have forgotten their base. They have forgotten why we voted for them.

Because of the high frustration level conservatives feel, some demand we "throw the bums out" in the upcoming election cycle. Others are saying perhaps its time for a viable third party to run.

While these feelings are certainly understandable, to act on them could backfire against not only the conservatives who stay home to make a point, but against the whole country.

On May 24, John Hawkins posted a piece on Human Events Online entitled, "The Solution to the GOP's Problems Isn't More Democrats". In this article, Mr. Hawkins asserts, "if there’s one thing I’ve learned about politics, it’s that the solution to the GOP’s problems is never, 'more Democrats'."

That pretty much sums it up doesn't it? But lest you think he just doesn't understand our anger and frustration, he continues:

That doesn’t mean that we conservatives should engage in a bunch of fake “rah-rah” or refuse to criticize Republicans if they deserve it, but it does mean that when November rolls around, conservatives should show up at the ballot box and pull the lever for the GOP.

Philosophically, that doesn’t sit well with some conservatives. They believe, with some justification, that if we don’t punish these wayward Republicans, their performance will continue to disappoint. But that’s only half the equation. It’s not about just the Republicans who’d be losing, it’s about the Democrats who’d be taking their place. Would we be better off replacing the most wishy washy Republicans with Democrats who believe that taxes are way too low and that Rep. John Murtha would make a fantastic Secretary of Defense? I think not.

(Click on the story title above to read his entire argument...please.)

In addition, on Right Wing News yesterday, Mr. Hawkins examined a posting by a liberal blogger which describes the current mentality of the Democratic party. In this post called "Liberals Have Turned Against The War On Terror", Hawkins succinctly summarizes the position of liberals:

-- A large minority of them think it was a mistake to invade Afghanistan after 9/11.
-- A large minority of them oppose using the military to destroy terrorist camps.
-- Liberals have turned against "the war on terror".
-- According to "poll after poll," liberals don't care about the war on terror.
-- Liberals want to tackle the war on terrorism via "non-martial" means (Perhaps Hugs? Singing Kumbaya? Negotiating with Al-Qaeda?"
Clearly, while the Republicans have not been doing their jobs in office as well as their conservative base would like, the results of staying home in November could be disasterous. Does any conservative believe a Gore or Kerry win would have been better? Could Democrat control of Congress be better than what we have now? No, it could only get worse.


Write to your congressmen. Tell them how ticked off you are. Support their opponents in the primaries to get a truer conservative on the ballot. But come November, please go to your polling place, look carefully at the two candidates, and consider which would be worse for the nation. Then pull the lever for the lesser of two evils. Do anything less, and we could discover first-hand just how costly spite can be, not just for the representatives ousted from office, but for us and for our children.


At 6/02/2006 7:21 AM, Anonymous Kilroy Was Here said...


Your right on target !
There are days I wonder why I support the Delaware Republican Party (but not being a Republican).

As for a 3rd party, its alive an well. The only thing is, the 3rd party system take places after the election and take shape with elected Democrats and Republicans who covers each others back.

Watch who sponsor and cosponsors legislation. It seems some D's and R's are joined at the hip. Talk about human sheilds, Sokola is a master as he suckers in Republicans to be cosponsors of his misguided legislation. So if I were to be super crtical of his sponsored legislation, I'll takening down a Republican with him.

Maybe the new 3rd party should be called, The New Republican Party.
To my Republican friends, if you want to dance with the Devil, you may be joining him in Politcal Hell.


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