Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Palestinians Signal for Cease-Fire

The Palestinians are signalling a willingness for a cease-fire, according to haaretz.com:
All groups in Gaza, including Hamas, would now accept a cease-fire deal with Israel which would include releasing Gilad Shalit, according to the Palestinian Agriculture Minister, who also heads the coordinating committee of Palestinian organizations there.

Ibrahim Al-Naja said the factions were ready to stop the Qassam rocket fire if Israel's ceased all military moves against the Palestinian factions in Gaza. They are also ready to release Shalit in exchange for guaranteeing the future release of Palestinian prisoners.

That's the part that I'm not sure about. Will it be in Israel's best interest to agree to the release of prisoners? Is that a fair trade? If Israel releases terrorists, will they commit more terrorist acts against Israel? I would have rather seen an unconditional cease-fire proposal except for the agreement to release Shalit.

H/t: Right Wing News


At 7/25/2006 2:40 PM, Anonymous Andy said...

I think that terrorist organizations have awfully good PR campaigns. The timing of this "concession" just as Rice is arriving in the area should do them wonders in the court of world opinion.


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