Thursday, September 21, 2006

In Remembrance of Emmie-Rose

Emmie-Rose Yannella

Emmie-Rose Yannella was born on July 15, seventeen weeks early. This little girl faced many obstacles and health concerns, but defied the doctors' pronouncements again and again. They discovered in early September that Emmie-Rose had a potentially fatal intestinal disease. Against the parents' wishes, the hospital withheld nutrition from the little girl. She went without food for over a week before they relented and allowed her to have some nutrition. From what I understand, starvation is a painful way to go. To withhold basic nutrition seems very un-ethical. In the interim, the parents, much to the dismay of the hospital, sought other hospitals that could possibly take Emmie-Rose's case.

Sadly, Emmie-Rose passed away on September 19.

For more information on Emmie-Rose's life, go to her parents' blog.

Hat tip: Carole of Mt. Pleasant Classical Academy

NOTE: I've had a difficult time getting this YouTube up. I posted this last night, trusting YouTube's promise that it would be on my blog soon. I discovered tonight it had never posted. If the video is still not showing, please go here.


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