Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Terror in Thailand

At least 22 bombs exploded almost simultaneously Thursday inside commercial banks in southern Thailand, killing one person and wounding 27 in a region bloodied by a Muslim insurgency, police said.

The homemade bombs, which were triggered by mobile phone signals, were placed in garbage bins, at newspaper stands and near seats where customers wait for service in the banks in Yala province... One person was killed and 27 injured in the bombings.

"We received some intelligence reports, but we did not anticipate it would happen inside banks, especially on the last day of the month. We didn't believe they were that cruel," Ongkorn said. Banks are normally crowded at month's end with customers withdrawing funds from their deposited salary checks.
See the rest of the story from the International Herald Tribune here.

Terrorists have been plying their trade all over the world, but often we don't hear about their handiwork if their attacks do not involve our interests.

For an eye-opening list of the attacks that have occurred around the world in the last five months, click here.

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