Tuesday, July 31, 2007

DDT....Where are You?

According to Dr. Mitra, Massachusetts is in a cyclical outbreak of the EEE virus. Although extremely rare, it was responsible for five deaths in Massachusetts last year, three of them in SouthCoast towns.

Source: SouthCoastToday

We know how to deal with mosquitoes: DDT!

Kill them. Kill them all.

It's us or them.

See also Environmental Fraud and Fanaticism

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At 8/15/2007 6:05 PM, Blogger Ed Darrell said...

Of course, DDT is implicated in gross health effects in humans through endocrine hormone disruption. Mass spraying of mosquitoes would kill at least as many, though not so quickly.

What is EEE, and is it spread by which species of mosquito?


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