Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Movie Critics Pan "The Da Vinci Code"

Ouch! The much touted The Da Vinci Code movie has received reviews ranging from ho-hum to derision from critics at the Cannes Film Festival. Some excerpts from the FoxNews story:

While readers worldwide devoured the novel, reaction from Cannes critics ranged from mild endorsement of its potboiler suspense to groans of ridicule over its heavy melodrama.

The Cannes audience clearly grew restless as the movie dragged on to two and a half hours and spun a long sequence of anticlimactic revelations.

"I kept thinking of the Energizer Bunny, because it kept going and going and going, and not in a good way," said James Rocchi, a film critic for CBS 5 television in San Francisco and the online outlet Cinematical. "Ron Howard makes handsome films. He doesn't make bad ones, but he doesn't make great ones."

One especially melodramatic line uttered by Hanks drew prolonged laughter and some catcalls, and the audience continued to titter for much of the film's remainder.
Tough crowd.

Well, that clinches it for me. Mr. Venger had wanted to go see it, but now I think I'll pass---he can take me to dinner instead. Maybe I'll see it on DVD, preferably a borrowed one.

FYI, some links regarding The Da Vinci Code:

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