Thursday, May 11, 2006

Allegations of Chinese Organ Harvesting

Some Canadians are alleging disturbing human rights violations in China. Excerpts from "Canadians Probe China 'organ harvesting' Allegations" below:
Former MP David Kilgour and human rights lawyer David Matas are to investigate allegations that China has been executing Falun Gong prisoners in order to harvest and sell their vital organs...Most of the allegations come from the spiritual movement Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa), which has a substantial following in Canada, but has been banned in China since 1999...[David Matas] said if the allegations were true, "there would have been thousands of people killed for their religious convictions."..."Given China's record on human rights abuses we have a duty to take these allegations seriously," [MP Rahim Jaffer] said. "This investigation is the first step in putting all the facts on the table."

Widespread allegations into organ harvesting have persisted for several years -- including from international human rights groups. Reports suggest that the speed of matching donors and patients -- which are matched sometimes as quickly as a week -- implied prisoners were being selected before execution. ..But Chinese health officials insisted publicly last month that organs from executed prisoners were only used with prior permission and only then very rarely.

Hopefully, these allegations will be found false. However, the Chinese government has forbidden women from the largest ethnic groups in the country to have more than one child and then has monitored women's menstrual cycles and forcibly restrained pregnant women while ripping babies from their wombs. Furthermore, Chinese officials have been persecuting religious people---arresting, beating, torturing, imprisoning, and sometimes even killing them---for years. A government that is capable of all this and more can't be trusted to care much about the lives and organs of prisoners.


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