Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Peace for the Oppressed of Sudan?

World has an informative article on Darfur, Sudan entitled, "No Way Out". In fact, World has been covering the situation in Sudan for over nine years.

After victimizing Christians and animists in southern Sudan for many years, Sudan's Islamic government has turned on Darfur in a campaign of ethnic cleansing. In the last three years, 300,000 have died from war and war-related disease and starvation. Another 3,000,000 have been displaced, many fleeing west to Chad where their situation often goes from bad to worse.

To make matters worse for those who remained in Darfur, the United Nation's World Food Program began cutting food rations to the region by half due to lack of funds. For many, this has been the only food standing between them and starvation. Other groups have been trying to supplement the best they can. Mark Smith of World Relief, a Christian charity which has also been bringing aid to this region, says World Relief remains committed to working in this dangerous area for as long as possible. Also concerned for the people of Darfur, President Bush has asked Congress for another $225 million for emergency food aid for them, according to Fox News.

While the U.S. has been trying to bring about some resolution for the suffering in Sudan for quite a while, they have faced an uphill battle due to lack of support from the international community. China and Russia, in particular, have often defended the Sudanese government because of business interests. Hopefully, the new agreement signed a few days ago will indeed bring about a lasting peace, but as Dr. Eric Reeves told World, the rebel groups are "basically being asked to trust the Sudanese government, but they've already seen how untrustworthy the government is." Time alone will tell.


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