Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sex-Selective Abortions in Canada Skew Sex-Ratios

Hate to tell you I told you so, but "Ha. I told you so." Remember my comment on June 1 under the Frivolous Late-Term Abortion piece?
"Oh, I'm sure it happens already in the U.S. It surely does in other countries eg India and China where there is incredible pressure to give birth to boys, not girls."
Here we go:

Internal Hospital Memo Provides Evidence of Sex-Selective Abortion in Canada
Male Female Ratio Skewed In Predominantly Chinese and Indian Communities
By John-Henry Westen
VANCOUVER, May 24, 2006

Western Standard magazine, one of the few conservative publications in Canada, has acquired an internal document from Women's Hospital in Vancouver which shows that abortions are carried out at taxpayer expense when the reason is merely that the parents are not satisfied with the sex of the child. The cover story of the June issue of the magazine, which is arriving in mailboxes this week and is set to hit newsstands next week, reports moreover that similar to countries where sex-elective abortions are rampant, the birth ratio in certain communities in Canada with large Indian and Chinese populations is becoming increasingly skewed against girls.
(Read the whole article---it's short---attached by hyperlink above.)

Granted, this article pre-dates my comment, but I just found it now and wanted to share it. I have, in fact, been railing against the forced abortions in China and the sex-selection abortions in China and India for years to anyone who would listen, which arguably isn't very many people. I've even had liberals tell me that China is perfectly within its rights to force women to have abortions--even after I've explained that there are places in China where a woman's menstrual cycles were tracked and that she would be physically removed from her home, taken to a "hospital", strapped down, and have her baby murdered and removed from her body. Aside: if you want to see me have a melt-down, and you are very brave (or foolish), that's a good thing to say to my face--that that kind of oppression is okay.

To me this is where the abortion-as-woman's-right theology and true women's rights collide. The "feminists" in the U.S. who push abortion in any locale, at any time, for any reason (and at taxpayer expense if at all possible!) just don't get that they are in fact working against women. Countries exist in which girls are not valued for various reasons--one being that a daughter usually will become part of someone else's family while a son will always be family and support his parents in old age--and societal pressures push women into aborting girl babies. About seven years ago or so there was an article in a major weekly magazine about wife-slaves in Chinese villages because there was such a dearth of young women in some areas due to the forced and sex-selection abortions that men hired shysters to trick and kidnap young women so they could "marry" them. What could be more basic to liberty and women's rights than the right to life (as in, let's not abort a baby because she's a girl)?

So now we have these same groups bringing their cultural practices to the Western hemisphere, and Canadian "feminists" support their choices to abort baby girls. Among Westerners, abortion for sex-selection might be equally performed on male or female babies as Westerners tend to prefer a boy and a girl in their small families. However, this is not true of some Eastern societies and apparently a few minority groups in the West.

Are we really okay with this? Now tell me who the true feminists are--women who insist on unlimited abortion-on-demand even if it means killing unwanted girls, or women like me who believe in the right first and foremost to life, then liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I dare say I am much closer to the stance of our Founding Mothers and our early feminist agitators than they are. I know you're with me Abby and Susan B!

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