Saturday, July 08, 2006

Threats against Blogger's Child a New Low

This is beyond demented. Dr. Deborah Frisch, a psychology professor at the University of Arizona, has sunk to a new low in making sexualized, only slightly veiled threats against the child of Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom. Blackfive is carrying the story. Protein Wisdom cannot currently be accessed as the site has been under Denial of Service attacks since the wee morning hours. Therefore, I cannot follow the original comment thread. However, in the growing comment section of Blackfive, those who were there have weighed in as have Frisch and Goldstein themselves.

Some on the Left have criticized anonymous bloggers on the Right for their anonymity and accused them of hiding behind their families. Comments like this, from a professor no less, show the stark reality of the level of hatred that exists in the party of feeeeel-ings towards those who do not agree with them. What wickedness must lie within the heart of this professor to make threats against the toddler and the wife of a blogger! I'd repost them here, but they are so vile I don't care to look at them again. I can almost taste bile. Anyway, you have the link.

Hattip to RightWingNews.


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