Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Displaying No Decency toward Released Reporters

When it was reported that the FoxNews reporters who had been kidnapped by the Holy Jihad Brigades had converted to Islam in hopes of saving their lives, I said little. My main feeling was one of happiness for them that they were alive and home safely, as I would have felt for anyone. Few of us could imagine such a harrowing experience, and none of us knows for certain what we would do in similar circumstances. I suspect that many would do the same as they. I know that because of my faith in Jesus Christ I hope that I would accept death instead of conversion, but I also am aware that to remain steadfast in the faith would require total dependence upon the Holy Spirit and that I dare not believe that I could do so on my own strength alone--I'm just not that strong. Most certainly, I do not judge others for not living (or dying) for my faith.

It was my foolish assumption that all of America would rejoice with the freed reporters. But you know what they say about assuming. The folks at Democratic Daily had a very different attitude. They couldn't resist holding the reporters in derision, calling them FauxNews reporters even after their traumatic ordeal, and then stating that there was hardly any difference between their Islamic captors and American Christians so why not convert?
I guess after they learned that the beliefs of the fundamentalists extremist Muslims are not much different than the beliefs of fundamentalist extremist Christian American Taliban who make up the base of the current Republican party and devote Faux News viewers, they understood converting wouldn’t change their core beliefs much?
Then in his comments section he says:
Obviously I wouldn’t blame anyone for doing what they did to save their lives. But the hypocrisy of reporters from the most Christian Faux News being the ones to do it was just way to good to pass up.
So in the worldview of the Democratic Daily, reporters being coerced to convert to Islam provides a perfect opportunity to mock FoxNews, to make assumptions about the private beliefs of the reporters to which we are not privy, and to ridicule Republicans and American Christians (who, by the way, regularly fly planes into buildings, kidnap foreign journalists and force them to convert, kill and kidnap soldiers of neighboring countries to start wars, lob missiles at civilians...). I should have known. Obviously these people have no decency.


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