Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gibson Gaffe

By now we've all heard about Mel Gibson's gaffe. I think Hollywood would easily forgive him for driving drunk and even for giving the police a hard time. However, a crazy statement about Jews being the cause of all wars while in a drunken stupor might be unforgivable in Hollywood. I've never uttered an anti-Semitic statement in my life, so I can't understand how people can come up with that stuff or even what he meant by it. On the other hand, he was severely inebriated. Those of you who have more, um, experience in such matters may be able to explain better just how stupid and irrational one can become under the influence. Is it "normal" to say such nutty stuff while intoxicated?

Peter of PR. Differently shares his views here.

UPDATE: From what I've seen, Mel was not all that drunk. Which means...? What? That he really felt that way? How disappointing.

Since one drink would put me over the legal limit and I already have no clue what I'll say or do next while completely sober, I try to avoid setting myself up for those kinds of troubles. Still, even drunk, I can't imagine thinking, let alone saying, such hateful things.

Aw, Mel. (sighs, shakes head)


At 8/02/2006 8:37 AM, Blogger Duffy said...

He wasn't that drunk. .12 is inebriated but not nearly enough to be speaking in tongues. In vino veritas. He hates Jews. Period. Maybe not on the surface but there's something there. He was raised by an anti-semite so i can't say I'm all that surprised. If you're fed that stuff as a kid it's probably like cancer on the brain.


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