Monday, December 11, 2006

Global War on Baby Girls

Scholar Warns U.N. Delegates about Sex-Selection Abortions
A top scholar and former American diplomat this week warned delegates to the U.N. that prenatal sex-selection abortions are on the rise.

Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute, said a global war is being conducted against baby girls, many of whom are aborted because the parents prefer a son.

According to Eberstadt, the natural birth rate for boys and girls is 105 to 100. meaning that five more males will come into the world than females. With increased sex-selection abortion, the scholar said the gap has widened to 115 to 100.
This is a duh kind of warning. How can the U.N. not already know this? For years now women in China, forced to maintain their birthrate at one child per woman, have felt pressured to give up baby girls for adoption or worse. Women in parts of India have been using ultrasound to detect if their baby is male and female, and then aborting if the baby is a girl. What women here militantly defend as a woman's right becomes the instrument of women's destruction in other lands where females are not valued as highly as males and women feel enormous pressure to have baby boys.


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