Sunday, December 03, 2006

1001 Project

I've seen the 101 in 1001 around for quite a while now. I finally decided to join the 1001 project. Here goes:

The List

  1. create list of 101 things to be accomplished in 1001 days
  2. create a new 101 list
Health and Fitness

  1. take vitamins daily
  2. try kickboxing
  3. reinstate weightlifting and walking
  4. floss daily
  5. add yoga or stretches to exercise regimen
  6. add soy and flax to daily diet
  7. stop chewing on inside of mouth
  8. do monthly self-breast exams
  9. maintain cholesterol levels below 200
  10. eat 5 a day for 2 months

Things to Do, Places to Go, People to See

  1. attend a lecture/ take a class
  2. start a compost pile
  3. participate in karaoke/ sing publicly
  4. get jewelry fixed
  5. visit Vermont in the autumn to see the leaves
  6. learn to shoot a rifle or handgun
  7. visit national archives in DC
  8. pay off credit card
  9. finish afghan for family room
  10. finish afghan for special relative for Christmas
  11. make afghan for relative
  12. make afghan for relative
  13. make afghan for relative
  14. visit new historic place (new to me, that is)
  15. visit a winery
  16. go kayaking
  17. go white water rafting
  18. visit my brother at his home
  19. explore career options at work
  20. go horseback riding
  21. teach a class
  22. visit a wildlife preserve
  23. go paintballing
  24. build or purchase a bluebird box
  25. build or purchase a butterfly house
  26. start and maintain a bird journal
  27. learn to sew and make something useful
  28. send Christmas cards to the troops
  29. plant an herb garden
  30. participate in a run/walk
  31. have a massage
  32. update Christmas card list and computerize
  33. create and maintain nightly master list for self and kids
  34. rewrite will
  35. participate in a murder mystery dinner
  36. learn to pilot a boat including docking
  37. volunteer at Habitat for Humanity
  38. go on a short term missions trip
  39. choose a place to volunteer and do it
  40. go to a play or musical
  41. have picture taken with Santa


  1. master SAS self-defense techniques
  2. teach children SAS self-defense techniques
  3. take a safe driving course
  4. take self-defense class or seminar
  5. take CPR class
  6. take first aid class
  7. learn to change a tire
  8. learn emergency procedures for disasters


  1. memorize 100 Bible verses
  2. read Bible and pray daily
  3. read through Bible
  4. study Ephesians in depth
  5. take a Precept course


  1. add technorati tags to blog
  2. post at least 225 new blog entries
  3. improve html knowledge/skills (read a book)
  4. back up and organize all files on computer
  5. back up blog
  6. learn to use videocam including uploading to computer and saving on DVD

Around the House

  1. organize/declutter bedroom
  2. paint bedroom
  3. decorate bedroom
  4. paint guest room
  5. paint Vengerette's room
  6. paint Venger Jr's room
  7. paint my bath
  8. paint kids' bath
  9. sort through books and donate those no longer wanted to charity or library
  10. organize critical papers in fire box
  11. create master list of all accounts and emergency numbers
  12. clean out file cabinet
  13. organize pictures
  14. organize emergency supplies for family
  15. declutter basement
  16. organize recipes

Intellectual Growth/Development

  1. read 30 books
  2. read 4 books on the Middle East, Islam, or modern day terrorism
  3. read a book on Church history
  4. read a book on web design
  5. read a book on survival techniques
  6. read Understanding the Times
  7. read a book or take a class on medicinal herbs
  8. complete level 1 of Rosetta Stone Spanish
  9. complete level 2 of Rosetta Stone Spanish
  10. learn 100 new English words
  11. study and improve sign language skills (at least 150 new signs)
  12. read or listen to 4 classics

A Girl Can Dream

  1. visit Israel

The list is doable, yet challenging. I've tried to keep the list realistic. Some things are easier than others, certainly, but it's important to allow for some success. For anything that lacks a obvious finish, a two month period to allow for the establishment of habit will be considered a successful attempt.


At 12/04/2006 11:29 AM, Blogger Duffy said...

#14 is the easiest. Just go to Delawhare? and click print. You'll have pure compost coming out of your printer.


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