Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm Gooder at Grammar

Your Language Arts Grade: 100%

Way to go! You know not to trust the MS Grammar Check and you know "no" from "know." Now, go forth and spread the good word (or at least, the proper use of apostrophes).

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Ah. That's better. Perfect score. (But don't look at my blog too closely, because I regularly find errors when I look at posts later.)


At 11/24/2006 4:58 PM, Blogger Christopher Taylor said...

Eh, 98% on that one, apostrophes give me troubles still, part of why I hate when they are misused in a really blatant way.

At 11/24/2006 11:07 PM, Blogger AnonymousOpinion said...

Whoot! 100%! So my skills haven't lapsed all that badly.

At 11/27/2006 11:16 AM, Blogger Robin said...

I am highly indignant right now--I only scored a 98%, too >:(. It had to have been because I had CONSTANT interruptions when I was taking the quiz...not because I made a mistake...surely! (hee hee)

At 4/05/2012 5:14 AM, Blogger Kevin Smith said...

You did good job. Keep it on with this type of post.

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