Friday, June 23, 2006

Comment Worth Repeating

In checking out the comments on Right Wing News, I saw a one that I thought worth repeating:

From the past few months, random thoughts on the attitude of the left vs.
the right:

  • Clinton told the truth about Hussein's WMD's, but Bush lied. From the very same intelligence, no less.
  • Clinton, Daschle, and Kerry all said that Hussein had WMD's back in 1998, yet that is a strawman argument as far as the left is concerned.
  • How come the left never considers John Kerry a traitor? During the campaign, Kerry said that he had a better way to fight the war, but never produced it. We must therefore conclude that Kerry actually wants us to lose and wants more soldiers to die since he is not interested in showing his superior plan.
  • If cutting-and-running is the better military option, how come Al-Qaeda never employs that technique?
  • If the left supports the military, but opposes every war we go into, then what does the left actually think is the role of the military?
  • How come Mogadishu, Somalia, Haiti and Bosnia were never quagmires?
  • Hussein profits immensly from the "Oil for Food" scandal and he gets a pass. However, if Hussein was a middle manager in Enron he would have been hung from the highest yardarm.
  • The left spends FAR more money to educate the country about innocent Iraqi civilians. Innocent Sudanese civilians, however, are never mentioned by the left.
  • Why does the left always protest against the U.S., but never against the U.N.? The left obviously wants a global government and it is obvious that they want an inefficient global government at that.
  • From Bosnia to Mogadishu, we helped more Muslims than bin Laden. Yet, we're the enemy.
  • In Bosnia, no innocent people died. In Desert Fox, no innocent people died. However under Iraqi Freedom, millions of innocent children died. I thought that we improved smart-weapon technology.
  • Al Zarqawi deserved a trial, but our military in Haditha is already guilty BEFORE a
  • Our prisoners are alive to tell the tale of their treatment. So far, we're waiting for reports of our soldiers' treatment as Al-Qaeda POW's.
  • The United States comes to the aid to Iran when an earthquake hits them in 2003.
    Odd, we're only "The Great Satan" unless the Iranians want something from
  • Under Clinton, our troops are liberators. Under Bush, our troops are murders and rapists.
  • Clinton's rape charge was unfounded, but Bush's AWOL story is true.
  • The Democrats keep screaming that we're spending too much money in Iraq, yet moving our troops to Okinawa is somehow more cost-effective than keeping them there.
  • Those who request "civilized and rational discussion of the facts," are extremely likely to provide anything BUT civilized and rational discussion of the facts. Truth is, these same people never provide any facts at all.
  • Lefties like Wino say that they come here to try to convince hearts and minds that the liberal way is the true way. Yet, to this date, they fail to realize that repeating the same phrase, ad nauseum, doesn't help their cause at all. And these people actually consider themselves "enlightened." O.....K.....
  • Watch what happens. The left will claim that Bush admitted that we had bad intelligence on WMD's. But, these are the very same people that says
    that Bush is a total liar, so why believe him now?
  • Human rights groups keep knocking themselves over to preach that the US is evil in the treatment of our prisoners. Name one human rights groups that have said the same about Al-Qaeda.
  • If Rove is SO smart regarding his secret operations, why does the left actually think it can win future elections? Wouldn't Rove simply employ his evil techniques to rig future elections?
  • The left always says to "question authority," yet trusts the media with impunity.
  • The left will also claim that the WMD's were planted by Rove. Well then, that should be easy to debunk because Rove could not have possible planted those weapons himself. He must have received help.
  • The city of Jacksonville, FL threw out more votes than Broward County. Question: How come Gore never worried about 'counting every vote' in that city? It could NEVER have anything to do with the fact that Jacksonville is primarily Republican, would it?
  • Has anyone every researched how many absentee ballots cast by Florida African-Americans in the military were thrown out in 2000? Why didn't Jesse Jackson care about those votes?
  • Clinton is an admitted draft dodger, yet he should run the military. Bush is NOT a draft dodger, yet he should be locked up.
  • Why was military service never an issue when Clinton ran?

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At 6/23/2006 2:04 PM, Blogger Christopher Taylor said...

Yeah I have that saved off, it's going to be some of the seeds for a "why do they fight" post on why the anti war left acts the way they do.

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