Friday, June 30, 2006

Protest at New York Times

Michelle Malkin has informed her readers of a protest at the New York Times building.
There are details posted now at Free Republic.
Protest the New York Times Revealing of U.S. Secrets, Monday, July 10, 5 p.m.
We have a sound permit, and we will be across the street from the New York
Times. They are at 229 West 43rd Street.

The groups on board so far are Free Republic, Caucus for America, the Congress for Racial Equality, and Protest Warrior, NYC Chapter. We have reached out to several other groups as well, and are waiting to hear back from them.

Some high-visibility media people are interested in speaking at the protest. More information will be coming on this as we gather groups and speakers.

So hold the date! If you have been as sick about the Times's unconscionable blabbing of our classified information as the rest of those who care about the nation, now is your chance to do something to make your outrage heard.

Background information: The New York Times has earned the ire of many Americans for publishing classified information which the government specifically requested it not print. Last Thursday, June 22, it plastered the story on its webpage that the Treasury Department was working with the CIA to examine money-transfers to track terrorists, followed by a front page story on Friday, June 23. The L.A. Times and the Wall Street Journal followed suit and published stories on Friday also, after the NYTimes broke the story. This alerted terrorists as to which accounts they should be particularly careful about, which means less opportunity for the U.S. government to find them before they hurt others. Therefore, some groups will be protesting the NY Times next week.


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