Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What a Sick-o!

Did you see this story? I've heard of some sick things, but this is seriously warped.

A Corpus Christi, TX woman received a package and letter from an ex-boyfriend. The package contained a severed human finger.

Police said a letter was enclosed, stating -- quote -- "This is the last chance to touch you."

The 32-year-old woman filed for an emergency protective order from the 34-year-old man last week before receiving the package.

And not a moment too soon! It looks like breaking up with this guy was the first smart thing this gal has done in a long time. However, I'm not sure the restraining order is going to work in a case with someone this demented. Statistically, a woman is in the most danger when she leaves an abusive or controlling relationship, and I have a friend whose sister was murdered by an ex-boyfriend who decided if he couldn't have her no one could. Still, it's a risk one has to take rather than live a lifetime of hell-on-earth.


At 6/28/2006 12:24 AM, Blogger Christopher Taylor said...

Men are supposed to protect women in this situation - I mean all men protect all women. We've successfully built a society where men are discouraged from doing anything violent and women are pushed and encouraged to be independent and not "need" anyone, especially a man. I know there's no guarantees, but if you've got the protection of some - any - nearby guy there's less danger for women.

It's the way things are, on average, a woman has no chance in a physical struggle against a man, although some exceptions are there. Women should be protected by default in a society, but this requires some limitations on freedom by women and them accepting certain things that might make some or many women feel inferior or patronized.

If I caught a guy harassing a woman like this I'd be tempted to beat him into a Beatle Bailey heap, but what would happen to me then?

At 6/28/2006 10:42 AM, Blogger Anna Venger said...

True analysis. We're raising, well, I don't know what. "Nice" guys who play by the rules are encouraged to be wimpy--witness standard school rules that suspend both participants in a fight as though both are automatically equally as guilty. Then there are those guys who refuse to be "nice", who often have no role models, and therefore have no training to use that physicality for defense of the weaker in society, but instead oppress. It seems a real dichotomy to me. A discontinuity of true manhood which should be balanced.

The current "laws" do discourage any involvement in defense of a victim. "Let the police handle it." But police come after the fact to take reports and try to find the perp. Guys that jump in to protect the weaker should be lauded as heros, but if they aren't careful, they won't be counted heros, but criminals. It's all so ridiculous.


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