Sunday, June 25, 2006

True Bias

For the past few weeks, Christopher Taylor (Word around the Net) has been examining bias in the media--what it isn't and what it is. This is his final installment.

Mr. Taylor has examined three types of bias:
  • Acceptable Bias
  • Unintended Bias
  • Deliberate Bias
There are times, he admits, when it is reasonable to be biased. For example, we are biased towards good and beauty and biased against evil and cruelty. Other times, the media, and all people for that matter, may be guilty of unintended bias which comes from our personal perspective and underlying beliefs of which we may not even be aware.

Last is deliberate bias. Sadly, Mr. Taylor was able to find links to far too many examples of pre-meditated bias in non-opinion articles. Fortunately, as he pointed out, most reporters have more professionalism than that, but there are true instances of manipulation of quotes, pictures, and the like, which show a complete lack of objectivity on the part of the "reporter".

But that's all you'll get from me. You'll have to check out the link and see what you think for yourself.


At 6/25/2006 10:41 AM, Blogger Christopher Taylor said...

I really appreciate the links you've been throwing me here, Anna, thank you very much.

And if any of your readers can find valid, tangible examples of conservative-leaning bias, I'd love to add those to the examples list. It's just really hard to find any on the net (at least, real examples of bias).


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