Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hezbollah and Us

Reuters posted this last night:

FBI Eyes Hizbollah in US as Tensions with Iran Rise
By Caroline Drees, Security Correspondent
The FBI is trying to ferret out possible Hizbollah agents in the United States amid concerns that rising U.S.-Iranian tensions could trigger attacks on American soil, FBI officials said.

Relations between Washington and Tehran, which soured after the 1979 Islamic revolution, have deteriorated further recently over Iran's nuclear program and its support for Hizbollah, the militant Islamic group whose capture of two Israeli soldiers last week prompted Israel to launch retaliatory strikes in Lebanon.
These are not idle concerns on the part of the FBI as later the article claims:
But Iran's Hizbollah -- which claims links to the Lebanese group -- said on Tuesday it stood ready to attack U.S. and Israeli interests worldwide.

And this is why I continue to hold my breath over affairs in the Middle East. I am anxious for this to end without escalation outside the region. The FBI, however, has been doing an amazing job so far in identifying and neutralizing terrorists within our land. I'm just not sure what another attack on our soil would do.


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