Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Terrorists vs. Israelis

I saw this "cartoon" over on Word around the Net and thought it apt depiction. It's self-explanatory.

Terrorists break all the "rules" of warfare. What kind of people shoot from civilian centers and then act shocked when their fire is returned and noncombatants die? They count on the basic decency of the Western nations and the high value we place on life. But I'd say Israel is long past that now and rightly so.

Israel has every right to point to Palestine and Lebanon and say, "They started it!" (And add, "And we'll finish it!" too.) Normally, I'd say the adults should act like adults, but when the children refuse to modify their behavior time and time again and instead grow into hard-core street punks, it's time for the gloves to come off. And that's pretty much what Israel has done.

Go, Israel!

Update: Right Wing News has the same picture up and a little quiz regarding on whom the blame for the civilian deaths really rests. Hawkins points out that it is Hezbollah that purposely congregates in civilian centers, stores their ammunition in mosques, dresses in civilian attire and fires from crowds, and deliberately targets civilians. Therefore when Israel responds militarily and civilians tragically die, it is not really the Israelis who are to blame.


At 7/25/2006 3:35 PM, Anonymous More Than Right said...

Great Picture! Ain't it the truth!

At 7/25/2006 4:04 PM, Blogger Christopher Taylor said...

I saw that picture months ago, before I started my blog, and saved it in my "stuff I might use some day" file. It's all over the place now, I wanted to use it earlier but I couldn't come up with a good story. I wish I could remember where it came from originally, I think it was one of those "buncha funny pictures" webpages that are out there.


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