Thursday, August 10, 2006

Liquid Explosive Terrorist Plot Foiled

Surely all have heard of the foiled terrorist plot to blow up ten inbound flights from London to the U.S. The terrorists were to perform a trial run of their plot in the next couple days. In carry-on luggage, the terrorists had planned to conceal liquid explosives in such things as hair gels and lotions which could be detonated later with a spark. They had targeted flights to New York, Washington, and California.

Twenty-four have been arrested thus far, and British authorities are seeking ten more for arrest. It appears that the terrorists are British residents, homegrown. It is unclear, at this time, as to whether they are British citizens.

Airport authorities have responded to this threat by banning all liquids and gels from carry-on luggage with an exception for baby formula and medicine.

Since this was to be a dry-run, one wonders if they have learned from their mistakes. Terrorists had tried this before over a decade ago with nitroglycerin in a contact solution box. Frequently, they will try a few times before they carry out their final attack, just as the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993 before al-Quaida succeeded in 2001.

What can they learn from this? Probably much more than I can imagine since my mind doesn't work that way. However, I would look for them to utilize sickly looking people with prescription medicines. Also, I suspect they may start recruiting young women with infants and using baby formula to hide their explosives. Sound far-fetched? Yes, of course it does, because we would find such a thing beyond conception. Nevertheless, in Palestine, young women have been tricked into becoming suicide bombers before, sometimes by being seduced and once pregnant told the only way to mitigate their shame is to blow themselves up and take out Israeli civilians in the process. How's that for birth control? (Shocking details in The Case for Israel by Alan Dershowitz.) I truly hope in their zeal they don't do something so horrible. Then again, they don't care about blowing up other women, infants and small children on flights, so why should they flinch at their own becoming martyrs in such a manner? Just something that crossed my mind.


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