Monday, January 29, 2007

Presidential Hopefuls

So far the Republican candidates for 2008 have left much to be desired. McCain has, in the past, gone out of his way to insult and alienate conservative Christians. A darling of the media, he causes suspicion in those of us who wonder why they are fawning over a "conservative". Furthermore, I'm not sure I could forgive him for McCain-Feingold. I've never stayed away from the voting booth before, but McCain isn't infusing me with any enthusiasm.

Giuliani is another popular politician that many want to run for President, and he did a remarkable job in New York. Yet while he is conservative on some issues, he's quite liberal on other issues social conservatives and gun lovers value most. Problems he has had in his personal life may also dissuade citizens from voting for him--and how will we ever purge that image of him in women's clothes from our minds? Somehow that just doesn't seem very presidential.

Now Sam Brownback has decided to join the fray. No doubt, we'll see liberal media personalities wiping foam from their mouths as he is proclaimed a conservative Christian. Taking his faith seriously, he visited a prison to promote religious-based alternatives to prison violence and a more positive lifestyle for prisoners should they be returned to society. FoxNews did take note of his visit, which certainly was not to garner votes. Brownback himself remarked: "There aren't probably a lot of votes for me here. There can be a lot of prayers, though." Since many people could care less about prisoners that visit probably won't register with much of the population.

Brownback is passionately pro-life which should excite the social conservatives. He shared with LifeSiteNews a bit of this passion:

"I met a little girl about seven and a half years ago," he said. "Her name was Chenyi Dan. I met her in China. She was from Shantou City, China. And at the time she was about 20 months of age. Beautiful girl - she had been dropped at an orphanage by her mother who had carved a little area, an oval on her stomach with a pen knife - very, very scant. As a mark, I guess at some point and time maybe they would be able to find each other - again, at some point and time."

"That girl now," he continued, "her name is now Jenna Joy Brownback - I had her at my announcement yesterday for President. She's been living in my home for the last seven and a half years as my daughter. Because somebody fought for her, I get to kiss a little girl goodnight. Somebody fought for her - who I will probably never meet or ever see or ever know. But they fought for her and because of that, she is alive."

On the other hand, Brownback has announced that he is against sending more troops into Iraq. Brownback apparently doesn't think more troops are necessary to win. This will have mixed appeal among conservatives and may or may not improve his appeal among moderates who may be turned off by his strong pro-life stance.

So far, I'm not supporting anyone and am trying to keep an open mind. I'm also worried about a Clinton for President on the Democratic ticket. Heaven help us if that happens.

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