Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nutty British Sexperts


AOL Online United Kingdom posted a provocative little piece:

Many pupils form impressions of sexual activity from pornography on the internet and need better lessons at school, said Rebecca Findlay, from the Family Planning Association.

She told the Times Educational Supplement that sex is still seen as too "embarrassing'' to be discussed.

On the contrary, sex seems to be discussed and performed everywhere, even by young teens and pre-teens. Maybe we would all be better off with a little "embarrassment" or at least a little decorum?

Ms Findlay said: "We need to be able to look at someone masturbating and see it not as pornography but as instructional.'' Using such images in schools might help lift the taboos around sex, she told the TES.

What is masturbation? How do you do it? What does it feel like?

"These are conversations people should be having in sex education classes.
But in British culture, sex is something embarrassing.''

Dr David Limond, a lecturer from Trinity College Dublin, said there is no reason why appropriately-produced footage of masturbation should not be used in schools.

Oh, come on. "Taboos"? She's kidding, right? Do children really need to witness this behavior? Are we really better off destroying the mystery of the opposite sex in explicit classroom discussions and video observation? And, at the risk of pointing out the obvious, haven't people been masturbating for thousands of years without special classes? It's been my experience and that of parenting experts that little boys especially are quite conscious of their anatomy. Have the Brits and other Westerners devolved to such a level of stupidity that their young citizens can't figure out how to engage in self-love (or procreation for that matter) without classroom instruction? And while we're on the subject, how did the human race manage to procreate for thousands of years without sex education classes?

To the sexperts: stop shoving your worldview on our children. We'll have healthy, well-adjusted children-- and grandchildren-- without your help.


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