Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"My Fair Lady"

Tonight the whole Venger family went to see “My Fair Lady” at Longwood Gardens. I haven’t been to a show there in many years. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it!

The Brandywiners still put on a good show. Sandy Yozviak starred as Eliza Doolittle. She has had varied musical experiences and has a few lead roles under her belt. Paul Kevin Laich, also an experienced performer, played Henry Higgins. Both actors were new to the Brandywiners.

Laich played Higgins well. He certainly seemed quite British. My informal survey of several women in the audience showed that most wanted to smack him because he was such a jerk, which is how Higgins should be perceived by any normal person. Hubby and I, however, agreed that the Mr. Doolittle character was more despicable by far. Everyone seemed to think Yozviak did a great job.

Tickets are $25 a piece. (We were given ours.) Show dates are July 27-29 and August 3-5; the show begins at 8:30 and runs until 11:30. Our tickets didn’t have seat numbers so it was first come, first served as far as seating selection went. Down side: without a specific seat number specified on the ticket, it’s best to be there by 7:30 so better seating can be attained. Up side: a ticket to “My Fair Lady” allows entrance to Longwood Gardens all day. The seats were a bit uncomfortable for a long performance, so if you go, you may wish to take cushions just as you would for a football game. I wasn’t the only one complaining.

For those of you who are local, if you go to see it, please stop back and leave me a comment about it. I'd be interested in knowing what you thought.


At 8/11/2006 12:07 AM, Anonymous Tasra Dawson said...

We can't make it to Longwood, but I did watch My Fair Lady on DVD last night. One of my all-time favorite movies! Some day I'll see it live. Glad you had a great time!


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