Monday, August 14, 2006

Cease-Fire for Israel and Hezbollah

By now, a much hoped for cease-fire has supposedly taken effect along the Israeli-Lebanonese border.

However, I don't think this bodes well for peace:

A meeting of the Lebanese government on the disarming of Hezbollah south of the Litani River was canceled on Sunday following an announcement by the Shi'ite organization that it was not willing to discuss the subject...

Joe Sarkiss, Lebanon's minister of tourism, said that "the army will not deploy in the south unless there are no arms in the south except those of a legitimate military force and UNIFIL."
Source: Hezbollah torpedoes Lebanese gov't meeting on disarmament

According to the agreement, the United Nations and the Lebanese government are each to deploy 15,000 troops to southern Lebanon from the border between the two belligerents to the Litani River in Lebanon, approximately eighteen miles from the border. Israel has stated that it will not withdraw its own troops until these troops are in place which it hopes will be within the next week or so.

Hezbollah's Nasrallah has agreed to the cease-fire, but has declared "the war has not ended". Therefore, not surprisingly, critics see this "peace" as little more than an opportunity for Hezbollah to regroup and re-arm with the help of its benefactor, Iran.

(Source: Israel Approves Truce, Continues Barrage)

And the beat goes on...

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