Sunday, August 13, 2006

Jake Vs. the Vengers

One of my son's closest friends whom I'll call Jake visits with us frequently. We love him to bits. This is in spite of his unusual genetic defect--a total lack of natural inhibitions. Basically, Jake's a trip, and no one ever knows what he'll say or do next.

Since my husband and I had driven separate vehicles to my sister-in-law's house, we divvied up the family for the return trip home. I took the guys with me. Hubby and the girls were to follow later. While the boys and I were driving, we encountered a torrential downpour, but we all made it home in one piece. Once we arrived, I had the guys bring in all our stuff (I really love having kids around), while I ran upstairs. When I came down a couple of minutes later, I found Jake on the phone with my husband.

Jake said: "Mr. Venger? Could you please come by the service station to pick us up?...Well, because we had a little problem....No, actually I'm just kidding. But I heard you were stopping at the store to pick up something for Miss Anna...Yeah...Well, could you pick up something for me?...Pick me up some tampons, please?"

My son and I were rolling. We hadn't seen that one coming.

Later, when the rest of the family arrived home, they told me that they really did bring some for him. My daughter gave them to Jake who screamed like a girl and threw them on the floor.

That'll teach Jake. We don't shock easily, and if he can dish it out, he had better be able to take it. :-)

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UPDATE: If you've never heard of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, please read this story.


At 8/13/2006 9:32 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Oh, help. I'm terrified over here.

Is this what my son will be like when he's this age?

At 8/13/2006 10:02 AM, Blogger Pamela said...

Never had a son.

Have 2 son in laws, and 1 sin-in-law (don't know what to call them when they never married, sigh)

I've heard some of their stories and I'm sure my eyebrows get permanently stuck in my hair line.

My girls did and said some wild thing, too, however.

At 8/13/2006 10:07 AM, Blogger fivetimemom said...

Sounds like Jake would fit right in over at our house. Don't anyone be fooled I have five girls who are every bit as devious as Jake.

At 8/13/2006 10:59 AM, Blogger Anna Venger said...

Jake is great. I have lots of Jake stories--that's just one of the more outlandish ones. I've offered to adopt him, but his mother refuses.

At 8/13/2006 11:56 AM, Blogger Reverberate58 said...

This is so funny. My son has a friend like Jake and a true joy to be around! Great story and I love the ending! I hope you and yours are having a wonderful Sunday!

At 8/13/2006 12:44 PM, Anonymous Polly said...

Very funny story! I love to be around people who love to laugh and kid around. Thanks for sharing it. He sounds like a great kid! Also, thanks for the update on Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I had never heard this one, but will now be alert to the symptoms. Thanks so much.

At 8/13/2006 2:51 PM, Blogger Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

what a hoot! sounds like a fun and unique kid.

At 8/13/2006 3:04 PM, Blogger Robin said...

I'm curious...have you told us already? How old is Jake (your son)? Too, too funny! My two boys keep the laughs close to the surface, and my 12-year-old has a few friends who think it's their job to keep EVERYONE in stitches--they just feed off each other.

But I think ALL of 'em would be MORTIFIED to even say the word "tampon" LOL. I know husbands who are scared to buy 'em (thank goodness I'm not married to one of those).

A departure from your to read a few more.

At 8/13/2006 11:09 PM, Blogger Malissa said...

lol:) sounds like a funny guy!

Visiting from the BC carnival

At 8/14/2006 3:29 PM, Blogger Karmyn R said...

You and your family sound like a hoot!!!


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