Friday, January 05, 2007

Does This Show Bias?

Does this show bias?
From CNN's Dana Bash: "A moment to savor -- Nancy Pelosi seized the gavel and,
with it, power for the Democrats, an ambitious agenda, but, today, history, the first female Speaker, second in line to be president."

Just sayin'.

How about "a moment to dread" or "a moment to turn one's stomach"?

I'm a woman, and I do not savor the passing of the gavel to Nancy Pelosi. I'm not going to rejoice that she is the first woman Speaker of the House. I'm not going to fawn all over her because of her gender any more than the media or the liberals did over Condoleeza Rice becoming the first woman Secretary of State.

Why do the Democratic party and the media keep pushing for the glorification of individuals because they are women or because they are minorities but then only celebrate them if they are liberals?

So spare me the hoopla and the biased infinitives.

Hat tip: News Busters

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UPDATE: A commenter pointed out that I typed in error that Condi Rice was the "first woman Secretary of State". Madeleine Albright was, of course. What I should have said was that Condi was the "first 'African-American' woman Secretary of State". That is what comes from blogging while literally sick and tired--actually, exhausted. Of course, my goof had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I didn't particularly like Madeleine Albright. I'm sure it didn't.


At 1/06/2007 12:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so in agreement.
But to do so other than anonymously puts me in a position of having to jusitfy thing.

You are brave - and I commend you!!!
Pelosi is way to radical - she and Boxer are about the scariest.

At 1/06/2007 9:17 AM, Blogger ColossusHube said...

Of course it's bias. But people like Bash will never admit it!

At 1/06/2007 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She has the advantage of being a woman with the "right views" as compared to others such as Condi Rice and others.

Though I do not support S of H Pelosi, I doubt that she will do much harm. Power and authority in a checks and balances system have a strange way of moderating extremes. After all that presumed moderating affect was part of the justification for Alexander Hamilton's support of Thomas Jefferson in 1800. One cannot forget either that the prayers of God's people will do much to hinder the extreme agenda of such people.

At 1/06/2007 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing that concerns me more is the look on her face as they started the first session. She looks like a kid in a candy store, like a little girl who just triumphed over her rival girls and got what she wanted, a spoiled brat who won a battle for a new toy with her parents. That there is her highest goal in life, she's gotten the power she wanted, and that's all she's wanted, the power.

In essence, she looked like the epitome of what newspapermen usually are repulsed by: a politician so drunk on and lustful for power that other considerations are secondary, if that. Someone for whom acquisition of political power is the end and the goal, not the means toward a higher end.

Compare it with Newt Gingrich and the boys back in 94, when they took power. Mature, serious, hard working, goal oriented. Conservatives don't want political power for power's sake, they want it to acheive goals.

At 1/06/2007 10:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's just say, "Hold's going to be a bumpy ride."

At 1/08/2007 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaker Pelosi will be the greatest gift the GOP could ask for.

At 1/08/2007 11:04 PM, Blogger Anna Venger said...

Good point, Duffy.

At 1/10/2007 9:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is noteworthy when any "first" occurs in current events.
By the way, Kondi was not the first female Secretary of State. Madeleine Albright was.

At 1/10/2007 8:06 PM, Blogger Anna Venger said...

Doh! I re-read what I wrote. You're right, course. What I should have said was Condi was the first African-American female S of S. That's what comes of blogging when one is sick and tired--literally! Thanks.


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