Friday, March 02, 2007

What's He Hiding?

This morning I had a few minutes to peruse the lineup of articles and read Mike Adams piece "The Smoking Gun Points to Julio Pino."

Julio Pino, who teaches at Kent State in the History Department, has been linked to a blog promoting global jihad. Mike Adams quotes an article by Kathy Lynn Gray of the Columbus Dispatch:

Kent State University has been dealing for several years with the case of a Muslim professor, Julio Pino, who calls himself "the most dangerous Muslim in America."

Pino, a tenured associate history professor, angered some faculty members in 2002 when he wrote a column in the school newspaper that was an ode to a Palestinian suicide bomber. Pino called the bomber a martyr.....

Pino now has a blog on the Internet where he writes that U.S. servicemen are butchers who massacre Iraqis and urges readers to "join the Islamic resistance."....

Here's what is rather curious. Mike Adams said he was holding a copy of "a profanity-laced email from using the email address (" Now, who among us can see a link like that and not click on it? It begs to be clicked, doesn't it? But for some strange reason when I press that little button on my mouse, I get merely a quick glimpse of the Global War blog which states, "Are You Prepared for Jihad? Come, O Brothers! 2007: The Year of Islamic Victory" at the top. The first article is entitled, "Brothers from Occupied Jerusalem: Fight for the Palestinian Child".

For the life of me, I can't read the article and it took me several persistent clicks to get that much information from the blog. Why? Because in moments I am rerouted to the Defend America site. Doesn't that seem odd? Why would we immediately be rerouted to a site with an obviously completely different viewpoint unless that Global War blogger has something to hide?

Could Mike Adams be on to something?

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At 3/02/2007 10:59 AM, Blogger Duffy said...

Could be. Either that or someone hijacked the site by malware or a snapback utility.

If he's trying to cover his tracks he's going to be SOL. Anyone with that kind of rhetoric is going to be all over Google cache. I expect he'll be fired shortly.

At 3/21/2007 10:14 PM, Anonymous julio pino - NOT! said...

Mike Adams is more than on to something. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is onto it. Foxnews is on to it. Local radio stations ar on to it. The next step is for a concerted main stream media to get his slimey butt kicked out.


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