Saturday, January 06, 2007


Mona Charen discusses a new book, "Unprotected," by Dr. Miriam Grossman, a psychiatrist at the UCLA health center. Apparently Dr. Grossman holds some unacceptable views.

What does Dr. Grossman believe that is so dangerous to admit? Well, start with ordinary sex. She believes that casual, promiscuous sex is tough on many women. They are hard-wired to bond with those they have sex with (the hormone oxytocin is implicated), and she sees countless female students reporting stress, eating disorders and even depression for reasons they cannot understand. After all, the world sells them on the notion that sex is pure recreation, that the "hook-up" culture is natural and even empowering to women, and that love and sex are two completely different things.
The article continues, discussing some of the women featrured in the book who cut, are depressed, suffer eating disorders, have std's which can cause them cancer and infertility, and other physical and psychological disorders due to the sexual free-for-all in which they take part on college campuses today. Go see the article and see what we are doing to ourselves with our licentiousness liberty.

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