Monday, January 08, 2007

On to Plan C?

The Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology published a study this month entitled, "Population Effect of Increased Access to Emergency Contraceptive Pills: A Systematic Review” based on ten countries which demonstrates that Plan B-- the morning after pill-- neither diminishes abortion nor pregnancy rates. LifeSite summarizes:

Authors Elizabeth Raymond and James Trussell, advocates of the morning after pill, conducted a meta-analysis of studies conducted in 10 countries.

They conclude that “increased access to emergency contraception pills enhance
use but has not been shown to reduce unintended pregnancy rates."

The authors note that “no study has shown that increased access to this method reduces unintended pregnancy or abortion rates on a population level” and that “the consistency of their primary findings is hard to ignore."

They say the morning-after pill “is unlikely to produce a major reduction in unintended pregnancy rates no matter how often women use it” and that “previous
expectations that improved access could produce a direct, substantial impact on a population level may have been overly optimistic.”

They also state the drug's effectiveness may be "substantially ... overstated."

So all the political pressure on the FDA to approve this drug was just that--political-- and all the hoopla surrounding its legalization as an over-the-counter drug and what a benefit it would be to women was....baloney? And men and women were depending on this drug to allow them to be irresponsible without consequences? Niiiice.

Perhaps we could move on to Plan C--personal responsibility and abstinence? Just a thought.


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