Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sick Searches

There are some truly sick and perverted people in the world. This is blatantly obvious to me when I see the searches that lead certain people to my site.

Although I don't obsess over why or from where people come visit me, sometimes I'll click over to the stats and find what appears to me an interesting referrer or group of key words in searches. Most of the time, it's all very innocent, but other times I just say "Ew!" For example, what kind of person searches for "Santa+sodomizes+the+reindeer"? Come on! That just ain't right!

And why did such a search lead that perv to my site? Because in the innocent little Christmas Meme I engaged in, "Santa" and "reindeer" were in close proximity-- although not nearly so close as that wacko wanted to see. Yuck!

As for the rest of you, thanks so much for visiting me and sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate you.


At 1/10/2007 10:34 AM, Anonymous Eric said...

You not the only one. I wonder as well how some of these "terms" lead to my site. Well, maybe we can hope that whoever did the search and shows up to visit might learn something from us.


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